Leabharlan /Library of trad. tunes

These are free downloads  of the tune notation. They are in PDF format and some browsers have a problem with PDF files. (Ex. The dots may be missing in the score) If yours is so, you should be able to get a free plug in to rectify this by doing a www search for a PDF plugin & your browser name and following the instructions.

All tunes are newly composed and as original matieriel, are copyright protected.  But you are welcome to play them. If recording/publishing them, please acknowledge their origin in playlists etc  and do the usual notification. This is the link for copyright notification.  Realworld are my publishers.

All Kovid Tunes ansa


Cór an Earraigh

Bob and Bernie

John the Rookery

Trathann an Taoide

N’fheadar (i Don’t know)

An Slide dubh/ slide Caoimhín (the rubber band slide) 

County hall hornpipe

Polka na Carraige Báinne / Polka do Martin

Spórt / Fiach

Feabhra (February)

Waiting for Connie

TG4 reel

Three for tunes

An laoch Ó loinsigh

Barack Obama

Is cuma liom (I don't give a feck) (Reel) 2:25

Cá bhfuil an solas? (Where's the Light) (Jig) 3:48

Bullock on the Bonnet / The Hop Stores (Flings)

Olann (from hop stores also)

Damhsa an tSuláin (Jig)

Maith thú, a Mhuiris (Polka) 3:13

Billy's Breakfast (Jig) 3:08

Ceantar Glas Mhúscraí (Air)

Margaret Batt (Reel) 2:26

Lily of the Valley (Reel) 3:19

Kevin's Salute (Reel)

Éigse Slide / Rubber Band's Brother (Slides)

Esmerelda (Jig)

Winter Hornpipe (Hornpipe)

An Braon Báistí (Jig)

The Mouse's Reel (Reel)

In Praise of Connie (Jig)

Caoire Geala Bána

Harpsichord Louise

Máirseail MacMahon

amhran gan bhean gan breag.jpg

Amhrán Martin.pdf

Amhran Caoimhin.pdf

Amhrán Peadar (Do Fionnbara O Criodáin).pdf

Three airs to Comunion (3 amhrán above together - three voices - community)

Banner Shout Reel.pdf

Dancers Delight.pdf

Duibhneach Polca.pdf

Gach lá nuair a mhúsclaím

Muscailt Ceol

In Praise of the Dwyers.pdf

Mary Mac's Fancy.pdf

Micho Russel.pdf

The Mighty Mick Tubridy

Muscraioch Polca PDF.pdf

Omos Flora.pdf

Omos do Paddy Fahy PDF.pdf

Port Sadhbh PDF.pdf

Reverence for Reavey.pdf

Ríl Laichtín.pdf

Ríl do Zoe.pdf

Sliabh Luachra Polca.pdf

The East Clare Way.pdf

The West Clare Way.pdf

Titeann an Titanic.pdf

Tiuin do Francie Mooney.pdf

The Field.pdf

Polca Neans

Polca Peadar

Polca Sorrento

Polca na Carraige Báine

Port Chonaill

Port Darragh

Port Ruadháin

Ríl an tSathairn

Ril Ghael Linn

Slide Damien

Slide Oisín

Slide Tristan

Aoife Kelly's Wedding Jig

Lizzie Morrison's Fling

Slide Nell Foley