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Damhsa ‘n tSuláin. (Dance of the Sulán)


Damhsa ‘n tSuláin. (Dance of the Sulán) (1:49) This tune was part of a longer more drawn out affair, which my brother-in-law Kevin Glacken played while I twanged away on the Tambura.   The whole affair was in praise of the Sulán River, from its birth, on down the mountain sides, through the plains of Carraig […]

Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley (3:19) This is Lily Van Oost’s nickname.  She was Belgian, very creative and had a great understanding of herbs and things of nature.  Her garden always had collections of old bird or sheep skulls and feathers and other interesting touchstones.   Her wool sculptures were wonderful affairs and anyone who possesses one […]

The Rubber Band’s Brother


The Rubber Band’s Brother  This slide was coposed during Éigse Dhiarmuidín whilest we were recording the album and goes with the “EIgse Slide” The first line bears a strong resemblance to another slide composed and recorded on the previous album (Triúr sa Draighean).  That one was originally called the “Rubber Band” after the rubber band, […]

Winter Hornpipe (3:16)


Winter Hornpipe (3:16) A hornpipe was needed for this cd and it was dark and raining and sleeting outside the window when this tune arrived. Click here for score     The Winter Hornpipe.mus  

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