Kevin’s Salute

This tune was part of a long piece i put together for a film about the Sulán River in 1996.   It told the story of the rain falling on our beloved mountains and trickling down and gathering into small small streams to big streams to small river until the Sulan (The only male river in Ireland) was born.  It followed the Sulan then until he joined the Lee and they both journeyed on and into Cork City and outwards to die in the arms of the Atlantic.  My brother in law Kevin Glackin, great fiddler that he is, played it all while i twanged away on a Tanpura.  He did mighty.  That recording is to be found on an earlier 'solo' album i recorded called Winds Gentle Whisper 
out of print

Later i recorded the tune again with Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on the Triúr Arís album.  
Price: 15.00

You will find the score/dots/music notation here

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