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Damhsa ‘n tSuláin. (Dance of the Sulán)

Damhsa ‘n tSuláin. (Dance of the Sulán) (1:49)

This tune was part of a longer more drawn out affair, which my brother-in-law Kevin Glacken played while I twanged away on the Tambura.   The whole affair was in praise of the Sulán River, from its birth, on down the mountain sides, through the plains of Carraig a Phúca, east through Macroom, until its coupling with the River Lee and their final surrender to the sea at Cork.  The Sulán is supposedly the only male river in Ireland.  It is said that it drowns someone every seven years.   It is a mountain river and very powerful as it fills very easily (Soth- Lán).  We all grew up learning to have great respect for it.

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