Spórt / Fiach

I had this idea to assemble 4 cd recordings or collections of music that I would publish and that each one would represent a stage in a boy’s growing into manhood. I also had the idea of associating them with one of the four elements. So the first collection was published under the title “Amidst these Hills” and I recorded it in Tadhg Ó Céilleachair’s “Sulán Studios” locally. I spent three very pleasurable days doing so and during that time found myself babysitting my sisters young boys and their cousins. Things went very well and I soon ran out of materiel. Tadhg was behind the glass and buttons and asked, “that fine, what’s next?” I could not admit not having anything else, with the studio meter ticking so I said, “Leave the tape running” and the tune Spórt came to me. I began to teach the first part to the kids as I waited for the second and third parts to ‘hatch’. The result was a jig called “Spórt” which has done the rounds quite a bit since. When it came to the second album I wanted to include a similar jig that would represent the boys as older kids or young teenagers. At that age I used to spend a lot of time with my friends roaming the mountains with mongrel dogs hunting rabbits and hares. We were never very successful but did a lot of running about and grew to know our mountains and valleys and like all other natives, grew to love our ‘savage shores’. The second tune was
born thus thinking of Spórt and thinking of the same boys but now instead of being five to eight or nine years of age, they were now ten to fourteen and I was looking down at them as they roamed free on the mountain tops. Fiach is the Irish for “Hunt”. I have the third collection ready for a few years but can’t seem to find the time to publish it. It is the Fire album and will represent the “blianta na buille” or “years of the rage” - the mid teens and the jig in that collection is called “Esmeralda” for reasons which will be apparent on hearing it. I am grateful to all those people who have thought enough of “Spórt” to record it on their own albums and who have acknowledged its source.

I recorded these tunes with Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on the Triúr album.  
Price: 15.00

Download the pdf of Spórt here.

Download the pdf of Fiach here.

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