This is named after the month, as I could not think of a name for the tune. It arrived as I was tinkering with notes and wondering what to play for the aforementioned TG4 event in 2008, that is if I were to be asked to play! I had a small problem in that I would be identified with the men’s choir, and their music, or the women’s choir, and their very different music, or would I play the piano or even, would I have a bash at the concertina. Any solo playing involved a hefty dose of my inferiority complex. But the danger of making a ‘bags’ of it also had it’s appeal. I ended up with concertina and some new tunes and the men - Cór Cúil Aodha. I forgot about Feabhra until reminded about it by
Caoimhín who had heard it at the time of its birth.

I recorded the tune with Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on the Triúr album.  
Price: 15.00

Download the pdf here.

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