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“Onóir” – Coirm/Concert NCH 30/10/2016

onoirWeeks of rehearsal coming to a head now for a lot of new work which will get it's first outing in the National Concert Hall on Sunday the 30th of November.  It is a time of anxious waiting to see how it works out as i have taken a few chances with some of the matierial.  Great musicians with Téada, Mick O Brien and Oisín Morrison not to mention the lads in Cór Cúil Aodha and the girls i Cór Ban Cuil Aodha, who have much work vested in the night.  So if the music is up to snuff, it will be well played. I hear tickets are going well (NCH Ticket) and i know some important guests are coming to the night and we have prepared a sequence and script that should be 'interesting'.  Fágfaimíd mar sin é ach ar nós an cearc ag breith ubh, ní bheidh fhios agam féin an bhfuil an gaisce déanta, nó an bogán a bheidh ann, go dtí déanach an oiche sin.  Nách sin mar a bhíonn igcónaí!   Tá cd nua ann leis ansa/This is where the new cd will be/is.

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