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New CD Nua “Peadar on Piano” (Double CD)

I recorded this album (2 CD’s) as I have been fiddling on the piano since my father died in October 1971 and denied that it was such an important tool for whatever little creative expression I have. I don’t compose using the piano but find that I can express myself and paint in sound with […]


This tune is recorded for a third solo album the ‘fire’ album that follows “Amidst These Hills” and “Wind’s Gentle Whisper”.  It is in the same genre as two other jigs of mine – Sport and Fiach.  It is due out in 2015. You will find the score/dots/music notation here

Kevin’s Salute

This tune was part of a long piece i put together for a film about the Sulán River in 1996.   It told the story of the rain falling on our beloved mountains and trickling down and gathering into small small streams to big streams to small river until the Sulan (The only male river in […]

Harpsichord Louise

My Aunt Louise (Reidy) Verling was the only sibling of my father Seán O Riada. As my mother Ruth had no siblings, Louise held a special place in our affections. She was a music teacher and lecturer and had a lovely ‘touch’ when playing the piano.  She was married to the painter Walter Verling and […]

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