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Séamus Heaney

IMG_5338Ollamh Fódhla ar lár - Canad don Long? Ollamh Fódhla is gone - where to the barque? Of Ireland, the wordsmith is king, a person of many parts and humors. Such as ColmCille were great Ollamhs. We have had the privilege to live in the time of one such Ollamh and Seámus Heaney's passing renders asunder our creative fabrique. But Séamus was also a duine uasal of humble, kind and good heart. I know because he treated me and my family so and was good to the memory of our dead. Beannacht Dé le cara mo mhuintire is a Laoch na nDaoinibh.
"'Sé mo laoch mo ghile m'fhear, 'Sé mo Shéasur, mo Ghille m'fhear. Suan ná séan ní bhfuireas féin, Ó luadh igcéin mo ghille m'fhear".

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