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Dreamtime Revisited – Film

  1. Cúis broíd agus áthais an scanán seo ar mo cheana chara John Moriarty.   The screening of this beautifully made film on my old friend John Moriarty life and work was a sweet and a sad occasion as John never got to see this kind of 'meas' on his work when he was alive.  He always had a band of very true and committed followers.   This film is wonderful. Donal O Ceilleachair is a mighty film maker.  I was thankful to him that he asked me to do the music.  John was a pure genius and i miss our arguments.  They were robust and truthful and they were a great way to clear a picture of some unusual valley or ravine of thought  and imagination.  If one has the privilege of getting to know his brother and sisters, one will immediately understand where he got his gentleness and good nature from.   Go bhfaga Dia a sláinte acu.

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Dreamtime revisited

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