Níl clár agam anocht/i have no prog tonight on RnaG. I had three funerals during the week. Three people who valued family above all else and who i found, in my life, to be warmhearted, generous people - Mary Matt Uí Ríordain, Maureen Haughey and Martin MacInnis. It was a privilege to have known them, they enriched my little life and for that - táim buíoch. They were so much more to their own families and many forget that in these modern days - life starts with family - mother, father, family. It is too easy today to get lost in the self and forget family. "Life is not a return trip" my friend would say to me every year and then he died. Family and Community are our shield against adversity. If you loose them, find them fast, again. That would be my thinking. We live whilst we can but our shield will protect our loved ones when we do take that one-way trip. Beannacht Dé leo triúr.

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