County Hall Hornpipe

In 2008 the Cork County Council completed a major refurbishment of the County Hall, which for many years was the tallest
building in Ireland. They asked me to compose a piece for them for the occasion of their official opening of these municipal offices. Cork is by far the biggest county in Ireland and therefore has many different areas, landscapes and former baronies. I had the idea that if I put a reasonable traditional tune together, it might get played now and again and thus the event would be remembered quite often rather then the ‘once off ’ of so many standard commissioned pieces. Caoimhín played it with me on the original day and Seán Ó Sé bonged a bell and sang out the name for each Barony as a call to its Councillors to enter the Hall. Here, we three just play the hornpipe and remember here again the official opening of the refurbished Cork County Hall - long may it prosper.

I recorded the tune with Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on the Triúr album.  
Price: 15.00

Download the pdf here.

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