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New CD Nua “Peadar on Piano” (Double CD)

I recorded this album (2 CD’s) as I have been fiddling on the piano since my father died in October 1971 and denied that it was such an important tool for whatever little creative expression I have. I don’t compose using the piano but find that I can express myself and paint in sound with […]

A few things /le déanaí

There have been a few people inquiring about some projects/films etc that i have been recently involved with. To make it easier, here are the links to same: This is the Film of Cór Cúil Aodha, The President, Iona, Éire is Alaba is an Náisún Gaelach This is the article i had on the […]

Ó Riada App

Saor in aisce – gach ní faoi  “O Riada” New app free for phones tablets etc.  It can be downloaded at: Google play ITunes Appmaker store

Na Maori i gCuil Aodha

Na Maori i gCúil Aodha 19ú Iúil The Maori in Cúil Aodha 19th July Clár/programme Tá fáilte roimh gach duine chun gach rud.  Tá siad saor in aisce ach tabhair bia leat má tá tú ag teacht chun suipéir.  Beidh ciseán ag dul tímpeall, roimh na coirme, chun síntiúisí a bhailiú i dtreo costaisí ár […]

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