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Muiris Ó Rócháin

Meala mór imeacht ár laoch Muiris ó Rócháin.  Flaith fileata, flaithiúil le fiúndas fior.  Taoiseach tigheasach teagabhail treoiriúil.  Muinteoir mánla  muinteartha,  Gael gealgáireach groíúil geanamhail is Duibhneach dearfach deisbhéalach dea-mhúinte.   Gabhaim buíochas le Dia é bheith agam mar chara le oscionn dachad bliain agus géilim le gonna géar, an cuid sin dem' chroí mar a raibh sealúchas aige.   Chun críocha neimhe é anois - Beannacht Dé leis.

Today i mourne for the loss of our hero Muiris  Rocháin. With a deep understanding of his people, their culture and history, he was good, genereous and gentle.  He was a teacher, a communicator, a director of people, a visionary in the vale of our culture, a family man and husband, a farmer, a forceful advocate and friend to many in Irish music and language circles, a favorite in Scottish lands where Scottish culture was to the fore.  He was well read, appreciative of art and constant assistant to many voluntary, movements in matters cultural in Ireland.  He voluntarily served his time on boards, advisory bodies and community organizations.   He traveled the world in search of knowledge and understanding of the human condition. I reluctantly surrender that part of my heart in which he inhabited as he passes from our existence the next plain nearer to the Godhead, He is in Paradise today.  I give thanks to God for having had the privilege of calling him friend for the last 40 years.

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