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the competition website

I have just been loading some pictures up on the Comortas Bonn Oir website.  It is exciting to see people joining up in the flute and tin-whistle 2011 competition.   Tonight is the deadline but if you have registered on board we will give a few days lea-way with the loading up of the tunes.  Breandan is the 'admin' there and is the man to keep happy.   It is very important for all competitors to activate their onsite MP3 player when they get their email after signing up.  Sometime that email can get gobbled up but the junk filter on  your email.   It is great to see musicians passing on pics, films and tunes to each other.  I just activated my own photo album this morning.   I hope that we can develope thuis site as a resource for musicians over the coming years.  At present the site is devided into 'rooms' fro the different instrument catergories.   Even though the fidil competition was last year, fiddle players can still join up in that 'room; and swap tunes via their MP3 player and make or choose fellow 'friends' in this room.  Last years Fiddle competition final is also up there on site as are some photos of the eventual winner Aoife Ni Bhriain.  Same for the 'Flute and Tin-whistle' room or the box and concertina room (competition 2012) or the 'Harp and pipes' room (2013)  We will also start a 'Sean-Nós' room in due course.

Cuireadh chin Ceoil website here.

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