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Cuire Chun Ceoil #1198 23/2/’24

Caipín bán ar na cnoic is sléibhte timpeal is gach éinne is gach rud ar gor mar a bhfuil teas. Dluth dhiosca nua na seachtaine seo - Dreaming my Dreams le Fiona Ryan / Mountains and hills around us are wearing white caps today and everything and everyone is snuggling down wherever heat is available. This weeks new recordings- Dreaming my Dreams by Fiona Ryan. Prog. Track list don clár seo 1198 Cláracha atá imithe ansa thíos + craoladh beo ar-líne. Previous prgs and live broadcasting  online via below link RnaG/RTE eolas agus archives faoin gclár/info and archives re program

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