Triúr Tour 2013


New CD launch and Triúr Irish tour 2013  

“Respecting community and it’s expression"

23/11/2013  Saturday Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin Derry

“Let us honor our neighbour”  

Raffle in aid of nearby  Presbyterian Church Restoration Fund      

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24/11/2013  Sunday Auburn Lodge, Ennis.

“Let us honor the sporting heroes”

Raffle in support of the Clare Hurlers Holiday Fund             

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25/11/2013 Monday St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, Galway.

“Honor the spiritual”,

Collection in aid of the Church Restoration fund                  

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6/11/2013  Tuesday   Halla na Feochanaí, Corca Dhuibhne.

“Omós don bpobal”

Crannchur i dtaca Halla na Feochanaí            

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(Le cralaodh níos déanaí ar RanG)

27/11/2013  Wednesday   Mansion House, Dublin

Launch of CD

“Honor the creaters”

Cd ‘Omós’ launch by Artist Bobby Ballagh       

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28/11/2013  Thursday   Unitarian Church, Princes Street, Cork

“Let us honor the Old”

Raffle in aid of Church Building Restoration fund.    

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Tickets for all concerts now available from or    or directly from venues.Tickets order between now and 1st November will be posted on 2nd of November and every 24 hours thereafter as long as they are available.  Some venues are small and tickets will be tight.  We will publish the venue capacities available in the coming days.Information and Bookings: Draoinscath 087 3973707  or   353 61 925939

Cludach Omos



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