Triur Aris tunes

These are the tunes on the Triur cd "Triúr Arís"   (Three Again).

These are free downloads of the pdf files of the notation of the tunes

All tunes are newly composed and as original matieriel are copyright protected.  But you are welcome to play and record them provided you acknowledge their origin in playlists etc  and do the usual notification.

Is cuma liom (I don't give a feck) (Reel) 2:25

Cá bhfuil an solas? (Where's the Light) (Jig) 3:48

Bullock on the Bonnet / The Hop Stores (Flings) 2:50

Damhsa an tSuláin (Jig) 1:49

Maith thú, a Mhuiris (Polka) 3:13

Billy's Breakfast (Jig) 3:08

Ceantar Glas Mhúscraí (Air) 5:27

Margaret Batt (Reel) 2:26

Lily of the Valley (Reel) 3:19

Kevin's Salute (Reel) 2:28

Éigse Slide / Rubber Band's Brother (Slides) 2:24

Esmerelda (Jig) 4:31

Winter Hornpipe (Hornpipe) 3:16

An Braon Báistí (Jig) 1:57

The Mouse's Reel (Reel) 2:31

In Praise of Connie (Jig) 3:37

Caoire Geala Bána (Song) 8:17

Harpsichord Louise 3:16