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Máire Ní Chéilleachair

Tá cd nua ag Máire Ní Chéilleachair - Ceantar Glas Múscraí-seolta ar 16/11/2018.

2 cd ann - ceann as Gaeilge agus ceann as béarla - amhráin ón a dúchas, a muintir is a cáirde.

Taifeadadh sa Draighean le linn 2017/18.

Máire Ní Chélleachair has a new cd - Ceantar Glas Mhúscraí - launched 16/11/2018.

This double album of songs as Gaeilge and English are gleaned from her heritage, family and friends.

Recorded during 2017/18, it is available here Ceantar Glas Mhuscraí

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