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Gliondar saoil/ The joys of life


Corcaigh V Tiobrad Arainn.

Lá aoibhinn cé gur bhuaigh an dream eile.  A wonderful day even though the other crowd won.  Where else would you find 33,000 people in joyous rapture in the company of heroes.  There i saw young kids and old lads who did not see age difference, girls and boys chatting each other up and they were the guards, the well-heeled and the under -heeled and they could not see shoes nor cloths nor class nor station but all locked into the titan struggle on the field where speed and courage and fortitude and skill were displayed for 70 minutes in an arena that is hard to imagine in any other sport in the world.  Gurab fada buan an GAA mar chuid den bpobal.  There i saw a noble people still living in the 21st century.  We forgot our hardship and loss and loneliness and enmity for a brilliant sunny afternoon.

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