An Laoch Ó Loingsigh

My father used to play the piano for us in the evenings before we would retire to bed. He would play “characters” or people whom we knew and we would have to guess who it was form the musical lines, colors and rhythms. This sort of “storytelling” through music is a much older form of indigenous Irish Music and parallels our habits in story telling and such. It is quite different in structure to the European model, which is subject A, subject B followed by development, crises, catharses and resolution. The Irish model is not restricted in the number of subjects and is cyclical in nature. An Laoch Ó loinsigh was such a piece I had strung together describing a day in the footballing life of my local hero Anthony Lynch, the Cork footballer. He is a good lad, gentle and kind and well grounded in his local culture, which is one of the sources of his spirit on field of play where he turns into a fearless defender. This tune is part of that sequence. The complete piece is on a cd that both my good friend, Seån Ó Sé and I published under the name ‘Ó Cúm Thóla go Cúil Aodha’ in 2008.

Recorded on the Triúr album.  
Price: 15.00

Also on "Ó Cúm Thóla go Cúil Aodha" with Seán Ó Sé.  
Price: 15.00


Download the pdf here.


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